Bitbond Launches Bitcoin Purchasing Power Index: BitcoinPPI

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Big Mac Hamburger

Taking a page out of a august Economist, Bitbond has launched BitcoinPPI; an index that measures bitcoin purchasing energy totalled in Big Macs.  Yes, that almighty benchmark of consumable resources is put to use once again. The hamburger.

The Big Mac index was launched by a Economist in 1986 and given that time has been a unchanging magnitude of purchasing energy relation (PPP or maybe BPPI).  Economists adore it.  Foodies not so much. But “burgernomics” does make sell rate disparities some-more “digestible”, by simplifying a comparison to a global, and affordable consumable.

Bitbond, a counterpart to counterpart lending height that uses a extranational digital coin, eliminates a need to have a bank comment to attend in their tellurian loan market.

According to BitcoinPPI, as of currently we might squeeze 100 Big Macs for a singular bitcoin. That is if we can find one that accepts a digital currency.

Radoslav AlbrechtCEO Founder of Bitbond, Radoslav Albrecht, who combined a new index, said;

“The use-cases for are plural and showcase Bitbond’s enterprise to move serve value to

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