Bitchain Installs Two-Way Bitcoin ATM in Athens To Circumvent Capital Controls

Greece is the target of a ton of media attention these days.  The country’s financial crisis is in full effect, with banks only allowing daily withdrawals of 50-60 EUR and offices remaining closed for over two weeks now.  Many Bitcoin enthusiasts see this as the perfect opportunity to focus their attention on Greece, and that is what Bitchain has done as well.

Athen’s First Two-way Bitcoin

Finding a working bank ATM in Greece is not a big problem, assuming you can get to one early enough.  Even though most supermarkets and stores are still accepting bank card payments as well, Greeks want to get their funds out of the hands of banks as soon as possible.  After all, if the Greek banks should go bankrupt, any remaining funds will be null and void.

Bitchain, a Spanish Bitcoin startup company, has been eyeing the Greece situation closely.  And what better time than right now to unveil their first two-way Bitcoin ATM in the country’s capital of Athens? Regardless of whether bank ATM’s are accessible and dispersing funds or not, a  Bitcoin ATM will keep working [as long as its EUR drawer is topped up regularly].


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