BitCluster Helps De-anonymize Bitcoin

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Last Friday, BitCluster was released at HOPE XI by David Decary-Hetu, and Mathieu Lavoie. BitCluster is a tool that helps one analyze the information found in the blockchain. The software builds a data base of nodes by associating bitcoin transactions together.

What this means is that for people who are not creating a new bitcoin wallet for every transaction, or if you are making multiple purchases from the same account; your sending a unique key to validate the data. This unique key is what BitCluster uses to track your transactions. This alone isn’t enough to out your identity information, but it does get the interested party a lot closer.


During the pairs talk at HOPE XI, Mathieu described their first try at mapping the blockchain as entertaining. At the run down they called Python script from the command line that started off analyzing around a block a second. Five blocks into it, it all stopped and went no further.

After the proper optimizations were made, it ran flawlessly. For one to re do this it would take a dedicated Python 64-bit machine with

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