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Bitcoin-FINAL-1200x1600Bitcoin: The End of Money As We Know It is a 2015 film created by Torsten Hoffmann, starring Andreas M. Antonopolous, Roger Ver, Bernard v. NotHaus, Jeffrey A. Tucker, Michael J. Casey and more.

In 2015, cryptocurrencies have gained far-reaching open attention. If we wish to know what Bitcoin is, this is a film to watch this holiday season. The pretension says it well. This 60-minute documentary film is a masterpiece, depicting both a story and destiny of money. It reveals a dark threads in a growth of income and where it is going.

One could not ask for a improved introduction to a invention of a blockchain. The directors, Hoffmann and Watchulonis were means to successfully etch what this disruptive record embodies, divulgence a past origin of income and a critical problems fundamental in a stream centralization, while during a same time presenting a viable alternative. we found this to be a glorious work, historically documenting a birth of crypto-currencies.

From a mental bill to steel coinage and a subdivision of a Federal Reserve note from gold, a film succinctly portrays a story of money. It does an glorious pursuit of display a inner

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