Bitcoin: A Documentary Masterpiece

Bitcoin-FINAL-1200x1600Bitcoin: The End of Money As We Know It is a 2015 film written by Torsten Hoffmann, starring Andreas M. Antonopolous, Roger Ver, Bernard v. NotHaus, Jeffrey A. Tucker, Michael J. Casey and more.

In 2015, cryptocurrencies have gained wide public attention. If you want to know what Bitcoin is, this is the film to watch this holiday season. The title says it well. This 60-minute documentary film is a masterpiece, depicting both the history and future of money. It reveals the hidden threads in the development of money and where it is going.

One could not ask for a better introduction to the invention of the blockchain. The directors, Hoffmann and Watchulonis were able to successfully depict what this disruptive technology embodies, revealing the past lineage of money and the serious problems inherent in its current centralization, while at the same time presenting a viable alternative. I found this to be a fine work, historically documenting the birth of crypto-currencies.

From the mental ledger to metal coinage and the separation of the Federal Reserve note from gold, the film succinctly portrays the history of money. It does an excellent job of showing the inner

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