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I was asked recently because Bitcoin is apropos renouned with millennials. To answer, we have 3 points.

First, Bitcoin works. As a Bitcoin evangelist, Andreas Antonopoulos forked out in a chatter recently (his chatter feed and youtube videos are a good source of Bitcoin insight), banks are creation press announcements about successful general blockchain
exchange (typically a few exam transactions), though Bitcoin has had millions of successful ones for years. In fact, to-date there have been over 170 million Bitcoin transactions, with a new rise of 326 thousand exchange on one day late in October

Second, Bitcoin is a remuneration network experiencing certain network effects. Bitcoin is an mercantile materialisation enabled by technology, where a some-more it is used, a some-more people wish to use it – this is a certain network effect, identical to that in social
media such as Twitter or Facebook where a some-more people there are connected, some-more people wish to connect. Bitcoin a remuneration network also enables Bitcoin a digital item network, where Bitcoin is a store of value. The some-more it used as a store of value, the
some-more profitable it becomes, and a some-more it is used as a store

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