Bitcoin Adventures of Felix Weis

Felix Weis has been on a trip around the world since the beginning of this year with only bitcoins in his wallet (or should I say digital wallet). Felix Weis seems to be out on a mission to introduce people across the world to bitcoin. He has come across business owners and store clerks with blank stares and confused look when he tried paying with bitcoin.

According to Felix Weis, bitcoin is a magnificent social experiment and he is devoted to it. In order to ensure that he uses bitcoin wherever he goes, he has allegedly converted all his money into bitcoin, destroyed his credit cards and carries them along, just to prove the point.

Felix Weis has already travelled across 14 countries and encountered a lot of people who has no clue about bitcoin. He has also managed to convince few people to use bitcoin and made them conduct their first transaction as well. He intends to continue his trip and cover another 7 countries, to bring the count to 21. Why 21? 21 countries to signify 21 million bitcoins which will be the total number of bitcoins ever created.

He travels with his own set of rules. The three rules he

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