Bitcoin And PayPal Meet When Wences Casares Is Involved

There is a certain correlation between the world of digital currency and traditional finance, even though very few people will acknowledge this to be true. PayPal, while a direct competitor of Bitcoin, has also embraced the digital currency in the past through its BrainTree subsidiary. To make matters even more interesting, one of the most prominent Bitcoin entrepreneurs – Wences Casares – has taken up a board position at PayPal to help the company shape the future of money.

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PayPal Board Welcomes Wences Casares


The future of money is up in the air right now, as various companies all over the world are all vying for the top contender spot to disrupt traditional finance. Even major online payment services such as Paypal are worried about their position in the future, which is why the company is trying to stay ahead of the curve. Hiring one of the most prominent and successful Bitcoin entrepreneurs in history seems to be the smart move.

With so much competition from FinTech companies and entrepreneurs all over the world, the time for

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