Bitcoin and Space: Genesis Mining Sends Bitcoin to Space

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If not a price, there is something else that has already inched Bitcoin towards its ideal holiday plcae – a moon.

Genesis Mining, a Bitcoin cloud mining provider, sent Bitcoin to space. As a partial of a promotional campaign, a company conducted dual successful Bitcoin exchange from a earth’s aspect to somewhere 20 and 34 kilometres adult in a sky, respectively.

Genesis Mining’s “To a Moon!” campaign saw a association promulgation a 3D indication of Bitcoin and a Bitcoin paper wallet to space on a continue balloon. Genesis Mining has available a tour regulating a GoPro camera placed inside a Styrofoam box. The camera was focused on a Bitcoin 3D indication with paper wallet residence created on a other side.

The meteorological continue balloon with Bitcoin payload was launched from an different place in a United Kingdom. Once a continue balloon achieved an altitude of 20 kilometers (Armstrong Limit), a belligerent group from Genesis Mining reportedly done a initial transaction to a paper wallet from their mobile device. After roughly 16 hours, a group sent another transaction to a paper wallet now during a limit altitude of 34 kilometers. (view exchange on blockchain)

Marco Streng, in an talk with a tech magazine

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