Bitcoin: Ashton Kutcher Has Best Answer for a Bernie Sanders Presidency

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BitcoinAshton Kutcher: Bitcoin Is a Safe Haven

Investors are shaken about border politicians like Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. But try entrepreneur Ashton Kutcher might have an answer for disturbed savers: Bitcoin.

In a twitter to 17 million supporters final week, a Hollywood A-lister hinted he’s disturbed about a Trump or Sanders nomination. Bitcoin, he believes, could be a best hedge.

Sanders supporters were not impressed. Twitter fans were angry that a Democratic presidential claimant was placed in a same difficulty as Donald Trump. His wealth, some argued, means Kutcher is out of hold with a center class.

But he might be onto something.

Kutcher has been building his tech credentials. Over a final few years, he has corroborated many successful startups, including Skype, Uber, and Airbnb. Kutcher’s try account A-Grade Investments has also invested in BitPay, a Bitcoin remuneration processor. (Source: “10 Celebrities Investing in, Using and Talking About Bitcoin,” CoinDesk, May 3, 2014.)

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