Bitcoin Association To Push Virtual Currency Awareness By Using VC Funds

The only way to grow the Bitcoin ecosystem is by forming a united front.  Major Bitcoin companies should be leading by example in this regard and put their competition and differences aside for the time being.  If the world’s leading Bitcoin payment processor BitPay has a say in the matter, the “Bitcoin Association” is ready to be formed and a push for virtual currency awareness is imminent.

Forming the Bitcoin AssociationBitPay

Bitcoin has had a “united front” before; or so it seemed at the time.  The now all but redundant Bitcoin Foundation was called into life, to help grow the bitcoin ecosystem and raise global virtual currency awareness.  After years of corruption and mismanaging funds, the Bitcoin Foundation was deemed bankrupt and people stopped believing in a “representative body”.

That situation might be about to change though, as Bitcoin payment processor Bitpay wants to revive the idea of creating a united front.  Rather than creating a new Foundation – with all risks of further corruption and egotistical decisions – the new idea refers to a “Bitcoin Association”.  Basically, major Bitcoin companies will be working together to promote digital currency adoption.

It is

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