Bitcoin Awakens Event Series Partners with the Central Texas Food Bank

AUSTIN, TX – Austin based event company Cyberfunks Alliance (“Cyberfunks”) is pleased to announce their partnership with the Central Texas Food Bank (“Food Bank”) for their inaugural event series, Bitcoin Awakens, which will be held in Austin, TX on Saturday, October 22, 2016. 10% of the purchase price from every ticket sale automatically goes to the Food Bank.

Today’s announcement is the first in a series of related forthcoming announcements. Cyberfunks is a deeply entrenched network of Bitcoin enthusiasts who will host a groundbreaking event aimed at bridging the gap between Bitcoin technology and those without access to a bank account.

Using OpenBazaar, Cyberfunks listed a store enabling people to donate to the Food Bank and buy tickets for “Bitcoin Awakens” with no processing fee or middleman involved. Anyone in the world with access to an Internet connection can use Bitcoin and OpenBazaar to exchange goods and services freely.

Unlike traditional donation methods, OpenBazaar is not hindered by geographical restrictions for selling certain products due to varying political and economic factors. This makes a great platform to request donations at zero-marginal-cost.

Bitcoin donations to the Food Bank are fast, secure and make a big difference for non-profits. Unlike other types of donations, they go

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