Bitcoin Back to Upper Bound After $3 Gain

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Bitcoin got back to trading closer to the upper bound after a small $3 dollars rally today. On BTC-E we opened at $234.26. From here we dipped ever so slightly to $233.18 but soon after hitting the lows we rallied back up to a daily high at $237.39. This got us within striking distance of the weekly high at $237.69 dollars per coin. As we can see on the updated chart below, the zig-zaggy range-bound movement continues, albeit with a slight bullish bias. We are currently trading at $236.47.


Prices on OKCoin gained as well, from $237.61 at the open to $239.31 right now. The day’s high stands at $239.95, almost $2 dollars below the weekly high at $242 dollars per coin.

Futures on OKCoin are trading around $240 dollars for the two closer to expiration contracts and $242.94 for the December issue. This longer-dated contract rallied to a high of $244.05 today. The weekly high for Dec25 is at $248 dollars flat. You can find live OKCoin futures charts HERE, or head over to TradingView

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