Bitcoin Baron Indicted For Several DDoS Attacks Against US Cities

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People familiar with the Bitcoin scene may have heard of the ‘Bitcoin Baron” in the past. This man, known as Randall Charles Tucker, was behind a series of hacking government-operated websites in the states of Wisconsin and Arizona. Under the moniker of Bitcoin Baron, he claimed responsibility for these distributed denial-of-service attacks.

The Bitcoin Baron Likes DDoS Attacks

As it turns out, the Bitcoin Baron is responsible for several DDoS attacks against the city of Madison’s computer servers. Two of these DDoS attacks were executed on March 9 and 14 of 2015. In doing so, Tucker crashed the city’s website, but he also took down “critical emergency response systems”.

While causing the city’s website to go offline is a serious concern, the fact he affected emergency response systems is a bigger concern. During these attacks, no units could be dispatched automatically in case of an emergency. In effect, the Bitcoin Baron crippled the entire city’s emergency response infrastructure. For now, it remains unknown if this was his intention all along, or just collateral damage.

What we do know is how his incentive was purely political. The city of Madison saw a police officer

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