Bitcoin based content platform, Yours, attracts ‘overwhelming interest’ from investors

Yours is a new decentralized content network that uses bitcoin to reward creators. As the project gets closer to launch, more details have surfaced from the development team, and a new project website has just been revealed.

The idea came about a little over a year ago, when project leader Ryan X Charles left Reddit. Charles was employed as the one and only Reddit Cryptocurrency Engineer, where his primary goal was to decentralize the platform.

After a pivot and management change, Charles went on to start Yours. “Whether at reddit, Inc., or somewhere else, the technology to create a decentralized reddit is almost entirely in place,” Charles said at the time. “Bitcoin provides the mechanism for p2p payments, and Web RTC, or something similar, provides p2p connections between the users.”

An early technology demonstration of Yours

BraveNewCoin caught up with Steven McKie, Yours Operations Manager, to chat about the project. “We think we’ve found a way to make sure you get the best content,” said McKie, “served in a way that is simple, rewarding, and most importantly, fun.”

The platform leverages the Lightning Network to send bitcoin micropayments, and an open source bitcoin

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