Bitcoin Believer Peter Thiel Donates $1.25 Million to Trump

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Billionaire tech financier Peter Thiel, whose Founder’s Fund invested in Bitcoin payment’s startup BitPay, recently gave $1.25 million to Republican claimant for President, Donald Trump, “through a multiple of super PAC donations and supports given directly to a campaign.”

As a New Yorker Magazine writes,


Thiel’s eagerness to uncover some seven-figure support for Trump during this late theatre competence vigilance that Thiel wants to stay in Trump’s round even after a polls tighten and a votes are tallied. Widespread conjecture binds that Trump (possibly with a assistance of his son-in-law Jared Kushner and Roger Ailes) is looking into rising a cable channel following a election. 


The respected billionaire technologist, who attends meetings featuring categorical players in politics and business, has prolonged been a proponent of worried politics. 

An early financier in Facebook and PayPal, Thiel’s Founder’s Fund led a collateral lift of $2 million into BitPay in 2013. A C-Level executive during BitPay after sent a identical volume to a hacker who was phishing for a bitcoins. Thiel also helped found Palantir Technologies, which builds program that connects data, technologies, humans and environments.

Thiel has served as a member of a steering cabinet for Bilderberg. Founders Fund has invested in a Bitcoin space

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