‘Bitcoin Billionaire’ Gets Futuretopia Update in the Future

Did you think you were free? Did you think the call of the Bitcoins were in the past, never to hook you again? I have bad news, or good news if you needed an excuse to jump back into Bitcoin Billionaire [Free], as the game is getting an update in mid-December to take you and your bitcoin-mining operation…to the future.

Bitcoin Billionaire Future UpdateBitcoin Billionaire Future Update

That’s right, there will be futuristic technology, alien artifacts, and heads in jars to collect as you mine your bitcoins in the distant, or perhaps not-so-distant, future, in Futuretopia! There will be new items to unlock, new technologies to invest in, and new achievements to collect, of course. Your helpful pet companion will still be along for the ride, though. The future update will be available sometime in the week of the 14th, but if you play the game right now (Correction: when the new update hits), you can get three free holiday items and watch it snow outside while you stay inside, mining bitcoins.


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