Bitcoin Black Friday 2015 – No Place for an Apple To Fall!

Bitcoin can surely turn your Black Friday’s shopping experience into an interesting “bargain hunting” adventure. In the USA, Black Friday is a term used to describe the day following Thanksgiving, and it flags the beginning of the Christmas shopping season, especially that most US merchants offer special discounts for their customers on that day.

Bitcoin Black Friday is a special website that gets together all merchants accepting bitcoin payments on Black Friday. It is totally free to list your product on, if you accept bitcoin payments, and get the chance to meet potential customers who prefer to pay for their merchandise in the world’s favorite cryptocurrency. This year, Bitcoin Black Friday is expected to have a huge list of deals and a lot of buyers.

I got a chance to interview Jon Holmquist, the owner of Bitcoin Black Friday

Can you tell us a bit about the Bitcoin Black Friday?

Jon: It is a one day website event where merchants can list the deals they’re offering their customers on Black Friday and anyone who is interested in spending bitcoins on Black Friday can go to the website and see all the merchandise offered. I started this in 2012, back when I

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