Bitcoin Black Friday to Celebrate Bitcoin’s History

It’s that time of the year when our streets are lit and our music turns happy with everyone beginning preparations for the biggest holiday of the year. Billions are expected to be spent this Friday as everyone receives their last paycheck before Christmas day with some, as in the previous four years, spending bitcoins instead.

The best place to do so is through Bitcoin Black Friday which will provide numerous discounts and offers. It opens early morning EST with Ledger in particular “hosting a very generous deal on their hardware wallets” according to Jon Holmquist, the Bitcoin Black Friday founder.

Holmquist continues a tradition first established in 2012 when few used Bitcoin with its price then standing at around $1. 60 merchants still joined, says Holmquist, with the event ballooning next year to 600 merchants, the highest ever, just as Bitcoin reached its all-time high.

The theme this year is a celebration of Bitcoin’s history, focusing on issues affecting bitcoiners and bitcoin merchants. Around 150 merchants are expected to participate offering a wide range of products

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