Bitcoin Block Battle: Top Corporations Support BIP 101 as Debate Rages On

The battle rages on within the Bitcoin community on how to move forward with potential hard fork changes designed to accommodate larger block sizes. Jeff Garzik’s BIP 100 proposal has taken the mining industry by storm, gathering a majority of support of those currently voting. Meanwhile, Bitcoin corporate leaders have formed a united front around the proposal by Mike Hearn and Gavin Andresen called BIP 101.

Which side are you on?

On Tuesday, August 24, the leaders of many of the largest Bitcoin companies in the world signed off on BIP 101 as their revision of choice. They crafted a manifesto declaring a solid vote of confidence of BIP 101. For details on how BIP 101 works, click here to see the details on GitHub, posted by Gavin Andresen.

The Chief Operating Officers include Stephen Pair of BitPay, Peter Smith of, Jeremy Allaire and Sean Neville of Circle, Sam Cole of KNCMiner, John McDonnell of, Charles Cascarilla of itBit, Wences Caseres of Xapo, and Mike Belshe of BitGo. An excerpt reads:

We support the implementation of BIP101. We have found Gavins arguments on both

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