Bitcoin, Blockchain and a Central Planning of Digital Money

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Kristov Atlas is a network confidence and remoteness researcher who studies cryptocurrencies. He is now a confidence operative for bitcoin wallet provider Blockchain and co-founder of a Open Bitcoin Privacy Project. 

In this opinion piece, Atlas discusses bitcoin’s ongoing retard distance debate, arguing that a mercantile research of intensity changes to a complement has been mostly abandoned by network developers.

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As many writers have proffered their short-term suggestions for addressing bitcoin’s transaction throughput, I’d like to take a step behind and try how we consider about, discuss, and devise the future of bitcoin.

To date, most of a contention around Bitcoin’s scalability has suffered from dual vital problems:

  1. We miss a systematic routine to set and grasp goals with honour to security, censorship insurgency and a overloaded tenure “decentralization”.
  2. We have a bad bargain of a attribute between engineering decisions and their mercantile consequences (“cryptoeconomics”). By “we,” we meant myself foremost, though we can sincerely embody many stakeholders in a ecosystem including some custom developers, wallet providers, miners, sell operators, writers, and enthusiasts.

Because we miss these tools, we are ill-equipped to make custom decisions and to devise bitcoin’s program future.

In this post, I’d like to

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