Bitcoin & Blockchain Technology Featured During Digital 2015

Bitcoin is a hot topic throughout the United Kingdom these days it seems. Not only are Bitcoin payments now enabled for businesses residing in the Isle of Man, but a recent event in Newport, Wales allow for a spotlight on blockchain technology. Bitcoin Wales has sent us their official report about this event, so let’s see how things went.

Digital 2015 at Celtic ManorDigital 2015 Bitcoin Wales

Some of our UK readers may have heard the name Digital 2015 before, as it is an annual Fintech event taking place in Wales. The goal for this event is rather simple to explain:  bringing digital inspiration and innovation to the world. This year’s Digital event welcomed over 1,300 people from all aspects of the digital economy, making it one of the most popular events in the sector.

The main speaker of Digital 2015 was Vinay Gupta, who was joined by a whole slew of other speakers from all aspects of the financial world. But what is of more interest to our readers is the fact there was also a spotlight for Bitcoin and blockchain technology during this event. After all, we want to put digital currency on the radar of as many people as possible.

We are all well aware that Bitcoin technology can be adopted to fulfill all kinds of needs in the digital world, whether it is accounting, logistics or even equity crowdfunding. On top of that, we have only scratched the surface of the blockchain technology’s possibilities, and there is a lot more to be uncovered over the next few years.

This also allows for the future integration of blockchain technology into other aspects of the financial ecosystem. Or to be more precise, the blockchain can be a very powerful tool in various everyday situations. For example, it could be adapted to replace the current system of databases we use to store our information.

Rather than relying on central services – such as a database – spreading out the information in a decentralized nature could have multiple benefits. The most obvious benefit comes in the form of there being no central point of failure in case a server goes down or gets hacked. But there is also an incentive to use old computers and other hardware as decentralized servers, not just at the premises itself but in other parts of the world too.Digital 2015 Bitcoin

Bitcoin QA Panel

Other than a lengthy talk about blockchain technology and the impact it may have on our everyday lives, Digital 2015 also hosted a good old Bitcoin QA panel. As you would come to expect from such a panel, a lot of “standard” questions were asked, which were all answered in an expert manner without going into too many technical details.

All in all, Digital 2015 was – apparently – a great event, and it is always positive to see Bitcoin and blockchain technology represented. The more people in the financial sector become aware of digital currency, the faster we will see bridges between both sectors. And that can only be beneficial to all of us in the end.

Source: Bitcoin Wales

Images courtesy of Bitcoin Wales, Digital 2015