Bitcoin Casino Betchain Ups Multi-Language Support

Online gambling and Bitcoin is a fruitful relationship for all parties involved.  Online casino owners can attract more customers from all over the world at a fraction of the costs and customers are not forced to use or provide sensitive payment information such as credit card or bank account details.  No hidden charges, no questions asked.  However, there is one thing the online gambling industry lacks, and that is multi-language support.

Not Every Online Gambler Speaks EnglishBetchain

Despite English being the most common language on the Internet, there is a large community of Internet users who are not fluent in the language at all.  Specific terms are easy enough to understand for most surfers, but when it comes to complicated terms – especially when it involves Bitcoin – multi-language support could prove to be beneficial.

Granted, there are several online casinos offering support in multiple languages, but there are very few Bitcoin casinos who do the same.  Translating content and guidelines into other languages takes time, money and effort and most Bitcoin casino owners don’t have any of those in abundance unfortunately.

Most people automatically assume the lion’s share of online gamblers

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