Bitcoin Casino BitStarz Celebrates Customer Winning Over 250 BTC

Never say never when it comes to your chances of winning a big jackpot through online gambling.  For one lucky BitStarz player, a record win of over 51,000 EUR – worth more than 253 Bitcoin at that time – has given the term “beginner’s luck” a whole new meaning.  This prize marks the highest payout ever by BitStarz Casino.

Pocketing Over 253 BTC On The First Day Of Playingbitstarz-black-logo

It does not happen often that we see Bitcoin casinos pay out such a massive winnings amount to one lucky customer.  Most casino games will offer slow but steady rewards and the chances of hitting a major score are virtually the same compared to real life casino gameplay.  However, at some point, that lucky draw will occur and in the case of BitStarz, the grand prize was worth over 250 Bitcoin.

What makes this win so interesting is that such a huge prize amount went to a first-time player on the BitStarz platform.  To make this story even more intriguing, the lucky winner is a female going by the name of Rebecca.  This just goes to show that not only men are

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