Bitcoin Casino Delivers 5 BTC Winnings After KYC Standoff

Bitcoin Casino Delivers 5 BTC Winnings After KYC Standoff

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Reddit ser DjPxH recently took to the Bitcoin subreddit to complain that digital casino BitStarz, a regulated entity of the Caribbean island Curacao, was withholding a recent sizeable win of around 5 BTC he had achieved.

DjPxH wrote in distress:

I don’t mind providing address, bill utility (as I already did), bank account statement, but they are asking me for credit card proofs of deposits done in over 1 year (which I threw out as they were prepaid, or with old bank accounts…) (I made about 5 deposits (2 CAD, 1 USD and 2 EURO and these were made months and years ago). I was not asked for any proofs until I won today… Now BitStarz refuses to pay, states their ToS, when it’s literally fraud. If my account was such a problem, why would they have been accepting my deposit for the last year and approved all of the minors payments I receive.

The post received a lot of attention. Various users warned against the use of this casino, citing their Bitcointalk trust reputation, where

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