Bitcoin Casino Stolen User Funds May Be Linked to Unprotected MongoDB Database

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A tie might exist between an Internet-accessible defenceless MongoDB database and a burglary of supports from a Bitcoin wallets of several clients of a Coinroll Bitcoin casino.

On Mar 30, MacKeeper confidence researcher Chris Vickery says he detected a MongoDB database holding supportive information about a business of Coinroll, a website where users can register and gamble tiny amounts of Bitcoin on a hurl of a dice.

Besides being openly accessible for anyone over a Internet, a database also didn’t have an executive password, definition any snooping user could have downloaded a content.

Passwords were hashed, though not salted

Mr. Vickery says he detected 4,610 Coinroll user accounts, tied to 9,668 Bitcoin wallets, that he reported to Coinroll’s staff.

The problem that Mr. Vicker identified was that a database also unprotected a passwords for any account. While all cue strings were hashed regulating a clever SHA256 cryptographic algorithm, they were not salted, that is a routine of adding pointless information to any SHA256 hash, creation them nearby unfit to crack.

This meant that if an assailant got reason of a data, he could review a SHA256 hashes of common cue strings and brand accounts and wallets with

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