Bitcoin Classic Nodes Surge Following Beta 2 Release

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Bitcoin Classic Nodes Surge Following Beta 2 Release

Bitcoin Classic has been available for download on its website and by its GitHub source. The popular hard fork proposal coined “Classic” has been gaining some steam since its official announcement a few weeks ago. The plan is to perform a hard fork to a 2 MB block size increase, which Classic developers say is a change demanded by users. Creators and supporters of the method have bolstered its use so the community can “gracefully upgrade the Bitcoin network’s capacity together.”

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We are happy to announce the release of our second beta version. This release includes binaries, which can be downloaded here. This is a test release, not intended for mining.

The block size debate has been a lengthy process, but it takes time for an open source community to come to a decision. Many ideas, concepts and proposals have come into the discussion regarding scaling the Bitcoin code. Not all ideas are the same and with this kind of community coming to “consensus is hard” and this was a point noted by Gavin Andresen speaking about the subject

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