Bitcoin Coffee To Put Virtual Currency On Prague’s Map

There seems to be a golden opportunity whenever Bitcoin payments and coffee come together.  Coffee is one of the most-often consumed beverages on a daily basis around the world and by offering this drink in exchange for Bitcoin, global virtual currency awareness comes into effect.

Bitcoin Coffee Shop In PragueBitcoin Coffee Interior 2

Rather than buying a coffee at major store chains, such as Starbucks, the citizens of Prague might take an interest in Bitcoin Coffee.  Don’t be mistaken in thinking this is just a regular coffee that can be paid with Bitcoin, as Bitcoin Coffee is an actual coffee shop located in the Holesovice District.  Just look for the large banner with a Bitcoin symbol and the “Institute of Cryptoanarchy” sign.

The concept of Bitcoin Coffee is a collaboration between the local hacker community and award-winning Czech guerilla artist collective Ztohoven.  It has to be said, the premises where Bitcoin Coffee is housed is rather interesting.  The top floor is comprised of a co-working space created using nothing but paper, which is aptly called “Paper Hub.”

Original plans for Bitcoin Coffee included creating a local coffee place for the community inside this building.  In fact, there were never any plans to make this a tourist attraction, so to speak.  But growing interest from people all over Prague led to more returning customers to the coffee shop.

Attracting a larger customer base did not come without its initial hurdles to overcome, though.  Unlike any other coffee shop, Bitcoin Coffee does not accept cash or card payments.  Only Bitcoin is accepted, which can be seen as both a risk and a guaranteed way of pushing virtual currency awareness.  Explaining to customers what Bitcoin is, how it works and where they can buy some, is part of the daily experience at Bitcoin Coffee.

“I would rather give customers coffee for free than to see them leaving.  Most people, even older generations, find it interesting, though.  People working here are perhaps the only baristas in the world who get paid in Bitcoins!” – Bitcoin Coffee co-owner Vojta Pesice told DigitalMoneyTimes.

Judging by the images we were sent, Bitcoin Coffee’s interior does not resemble your everyday coffee shop, to say the least.  The premises houses its own Bitcoin vending machine, an operational 3D printer and a massive wooden bar in the middle of the location.  All in all, Bitcoin Coffee wants to operate on the principle of inviting people by being “open source”.

Mixing Rustic Interior With Innovative TechnologiesBitcoin Coffee Interior

By the look on the outside and the first look inside, customers may think of Bitcoin Coffee as a rustic place, where they can quietly enjoy an espresso.  While that is certainly one of the possibilities, there is no denying that Bitcoin Coffee is paying meticulous attention to new and disruptive technologies, including 3D printing and virtual currency.

Some people may look at Bitcoin Coffee as a gimmicky place where only hardcore virtual currency users and hackers will come together.  Even though that may be true up to a certain extent, this place sets a precedent for other coffee places around the world who want to embrace virtual currency and create a sociable and sharing experience.

Bitcoin, due to its low transaction fees and instantaneous payments, is a perfect candidate for small purchases such as coffee.  Store owners can avoid the hassle associated with cash payments and card transactions, all the while being able to teach their customers something new, or talk about a common interest.  Bitcoin is changing the way we consume things on a regular basis and coffee is just the first step along the way.

Source: European Coffee Trip

Images courtesy of Bitcoin Coffee, European Coffee Trip