& Kaiko: ‘Best Available Data’ for All Your Bitcoin Needs

33  Kaiko: ‘Best Available Data’ for All Your Bitcoin Needs

Success in the Bitcoin world means staying right at the cutting edge – take a few days off and you feel almost left behind, the scene changes so fast. All users, from newcomers to industry insiders, all need the same thing: fast access to the latest news, data and quality information. To give them exactly that, premier Bitcoin portal is partnering with data experts Kaiko.

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Kaiko: ‘Best Available Data’

Kaiko will begin by displaying its Bitcoin Price Index charts. Updated in real-time, the Kaiko Index shows the truest value of bitcoin worldwide –by collecting trades and taking order book snapshots every minute. Forex reference rates are also taken from the European Central Bank to convert amounts from bitcoin’s most traded currencies: CNY, USD and EUR.

A dozen other charts showcase essential technical info on the size and power of the Bitcoin network itself. These include: transaction fees paid, block sizes, number of transactions, and mining hash rate. Launched in late 2015, Kaiko offers a simple, user-friendly design and detailed data sets.

The need for quality data and statistics will be vital to market participants in the coming years as Bitcoin enters a crucial phase. Issues concerning block size, mining centralization and exchange reliability can only be understood if information is accurate and everyone knows what’s going on.

Bitcoin evangelist and investor Roger Ver, who owns and operates, said:

Kaiko has provided with a terrific suite of charts and graphs to help people understand the current state of Bitcoin and the blockchain.

“We’re working every day to make the number one place for anyone looking for Bitcoin information,” he continued. “It has to look good, but more importantly, it has to be accurate with data that is up to the second accurate. Kaiko fits this well.”

Pascal Gauthier

Kaiko CEO Pascal Gauthier said his team of data crunchers is also looking forward to working with

“Both our companies want Bitcoin to succeed, and we want Bitcoin businesses to succeed,” explained Gauthier. “To do this, everyone needs the best available data, insights and services – which we can of course give them.” has quickly risen to become a one-stop-shop for Bitcoin industry information and updates. Its name recognition and high-traffic domain also make it the ideal gateway for curious newcomers looking to join the world of Bitcoin. Its team continues to add new pages and features to the site – which now includes a discussion forum, news blog, a price conversion tool, and a series of guides on how to obtain and use bitcoin. We hope our readers find these resources useful in all their Bitcoin related activities.

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