Bitcoin village disputes a use of ‘Internet of Money’

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Some people in a bitcoin world—the believers still fluttering a dwindle for a heading digital currency, that is now trade during $427—will tell we that a word “The Internet of Money” is widely accepted as a anxiety to bitcoin and a underlying technology, a blockchain. But Uphold, a “cloud bank” startup that launched in 2014, will tell we it is their corporate slogan. It practical to register a word as a heading for financial services behind in Sep 2015 with a US Patent Trademark Office, and is distant along in a process.

Andreas Antonopoulos doesn’t like that. The cybersecurity consultant and author of “Mastering Bitcoin” has waged a fight with Uphold, enlivening his 47,000 Twitter supporters to assistance him find a beginning uses of a difference “Internet of money.” Uphold’s adoption of a slogan, he tells Yahoo Finance, “perverts a definition of a phrase.”

The law is on Uphold’s side; there’s not most Antonopoulos can do to stop Uphold from removing a registration. But of all people, Antonopoulos is a shrill rivalry for a fintech association to have.