Bitcoin Community Shows Uneasiness Over Block Size Debate, According To CCN Survey

CCN reached out to the Bitcoin Community via various sources, including Reddit, BitcoinTalk, and our own contacts, in order to gauge the sentiment of the Bitcoin Community in survey form. Included are our answers. 

Of the more than 130 people who took our survey, 56.3% believed that Bitcoin should use Bitcoin-XT. 

81.6% believe the block size limit should be increased, assuming nobody believes it should be decreased. 



As far as the amount of influence Bitcoin developers have over the Bitcoin software, many showed signs of uneasiness.



More than 50% claim the debate and divisiveness over Bitcoin-XT has damaged their trust in Bitcoin and/or the Bitcoin Community.


  • “Bitcoin needs bigger blocks. It’s an anti-fragile system and will not break because of a code change, but it may wither and die if it’s not allowed to grow.”
  • “Scalability is necessary for Bitcoin to grow in relevance. Decentralization must remain a hallmark of the ecosystem.”
  • “We need a fee based system not a free system”