Bitcoin Community Split Hardens as Gavin Unsubscribes from r/bitcoin

Tensions are lower these days, nearly a month after a proposed fork in Bitcoin set off acrimonious debate, allegations of censorship and other non-Bitcoin spirited behavior.

Combatants are weary of a prolonged battle and have arrived at some sense of closure on the issue, withdrawing to the sidelines and putting their beliefs into practice through the coding and broadcasting of the various proposals that have emerged.

This closure is likely the hardening of the split between the two sides of the block size debate. Gavin Andresen, Mike Hearn Co may have taken a somewhat radical step in spearheading Bitcoin XT, but nothing in comparison with the subsequent reaction. Moderators of the reddit discussion forum, r/bitcoin- arguably the most popular for Bitcoin- removed discussion related to Bitcoin XT. Even comments and threads with the highest upvote scores were removed. Led by head moderator Theymos, the argument was that Bitcoin XT is not Bitcoin, rather an altcoin like litecoin or dogecoin.

In an apparent imposition of emergency law, more stringent rules of what constitutes permitted discussion were enacted by the moderators, to restore “law and order.” Much of the community alleged censorship, in contravention of Bitcoin’s stated ideals of decentralization and consensus. They called for mass migration to new discussion forums (although they risked facing disciplinary action if making these calls on r/bitcoin).

Now, users post the same link for Bitcoin stories on at least three subreddits: r/bitcoin, r/bitcoinxt and r/bitcoinAll.

Users have also been wondering why Gavin Andresen’s expert flair no longer appears in r/bitcoin. The status, applied to acknowledged experts of a subreddit’s subject matter, is indicated by an icon of a small stack of books appearing next to their username.

Initially, theories included ‘foul play’, since ruled out, or that Gavin may have intentionally or unintentionally turned off the setting. It seemed

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