Bitcoin Company’s IPO Precedes Attaining 13.4% Mining Market Share by March 2016 / Luke Parker / 11 September 2015

Australia’s largest mining operator, Bitcoin Group Limited, recently announced that it has received approval from the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) for an Initial Public Offering (IPO), and listing on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

– Andrew Plympton, Bitcoin Group Chairman

The company currently has three key investors; Harry Wang, Managing Director of ANYING, Australia’s third largest money remittance company; Victor Huang, Managing Director of OzYu Entertainment Investment and OzStudy Group, an international education recruitment service and media agency; and Richard Gu, Managing Director of AXF Group, a conglomerate investment company that spans from real estate development into entertainment services.

The company plans to raise AU$20m, offering 100 million shares. The offer opens on Sept 4 and closes on Oct 30 with an expected settlement date of Nov 4. Trading on the ASX is expected to commence on November 11, with a proposed symbol of BCG.

– Bitcoin Group