Bitcoin Core Dev Jeff Garzik Sounds Off On Block Size Challenges, Offers...

Bitcoin Core Dev Jeff Garzik Sounds Off On Block Size Challenges, Offers His Insight

Jeff Garzik, a bitcoin code veteran, offered some insight into his purpose for launching Bloq a code-for-hire service to develop features for blockchain software and provide access to blockchain support. In a podcast interview on Bitcoin Uncensored co-hosted by Chris DeRose, a self-described bitcoin evangelist, Garzik offered his views on the current block size debate and bitcoin’s future.

Jeff Garzik

Jeff Garzik

During the interview, Garzik voiced support for an inclusive approach to resolving the block size and scaling issues, but this inclusiveness has left the dialogue open to misunderstandings about bitcoin and its potential.

Interviewed from China, Garzik talked the state of bitcoin development.

Update On Bloq

Asked what he is doing at Bloq, Garzik said he is building a product, hiring a team, looking to go beyond the beta and have the product released in the next month or two.

There are two key aspects to Bloq, he noted. One is BloqThink, a strategic advisory service for adding blockchain. The other, BloqEnterprise,

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