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Bitcoin Core Developer Eric Lombrozo: Many Incentives to Implement SegWit

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Although Segregated Witness (SegWit) has near-universal support from a Bitcoin growth community, there are some who contend a changes compulsory by particular wallet providers might be a bit too most to handle.

But on a recent episode of Epicenter Bitcoin, Bitcoin Core Contributor and Ciphrex CEO Eric Lombrozo indicated that a complexities concerned with these compulsory changes have been overblown. While creation his box for Segregated Witness, Lombrozo remarkable a Bitcoin wallet developers he’s worked with have been means to exercise this change in a matter of days.

Not a Big Change

Lombrozo was asked how formidable it will be for wallet developers to exercise Segregated Witness. The Ciphrex CEO talked about his possess knowledge aiding wallet developers with a SegWit integration:

“It’s indeed not that large of a change. The wallet developers we’ve worked with — we’re means to exercise it within a integrate of days, we know, reduction than a week. It is something that is not very, really formidable during all.”

Lombrozo remarkable that there are some changes that will have to be done in wallets that wish to reap a advantages of SegWit, though these changes are minor. He explained:

“It does need some changes.

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