Bitcoin Core Threatens a Hard Fork over Asicboost Mining Optimization

Bitcoin Core Threatens a Hard Fork over Asicboost Mining Optimization

Peter Todd, backed by Matt Corallo, has proposed hard-fork changes to the bitcoin network to make “useless” patent pending algorithmic improvements which give mining an Asicboost of 20%, leading to increased profits of some $30 million if used by one of the biggest mining pools.

In a striking post to the bitcoin mailing list, Todd states:

“As part of the hard-fork proposed in the HK agreement we’d like to make the patented AsicBoost optimisation useless, and hopefully make further similar optimizations useless as well.”

Arguing that the patent pending optimization may lead to mining centralization as the license could be limited to only one manufacturer or lead Chinese manufacturers to ignore the patent, but restrict export of the optimized ASICs to USA, Todd stated that if any other patented mining optimizations are found “we’d definitely consider fighting them as well.”

Corallo, after making a suggestion on how Asicboost’s optimizations could be made irrelevant, states:

“While this is somewhat nasty, the risks of AsicBoost and the precedent that should be set necessitates a response,

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