Bitcoin Could Make it Easier to Have an Affair

Having an affair with bitcoinHaving an affair with bitcoin

If you haven’t heard about bitcoin, the new digital currency is making its way into our “wallets” and people are finding creative uses for it. People can now send and receive money anonymously without leaving a paper trail. The new digital currency is rapidly changing the way we transact and live. It may also have some unforeseen social realities. Could bitcoin make having an affair easier?

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Most people who decide to have an affair do not want to get caught. Bitcoin, therefore, could be a cheater’s dream. It can be used to conceal transactions and even alleviate some of the fear of being caught.

Bitcoin Could Hide the Financial Signs of an Affair

If your partner is having an affair there could be many clues. Some financial red flags include transactions or account withdrawals that look suspicious, even a sudden desire to separate finances for no practical reason. Bitcoin could make it easier to hide these red flags.

Concealing Suspicious Transactions or Withdrawals

Expenses for hotels, restaurants, or gifts can be paid with bitcoin to

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