Bitcoin: Craig Wright promises new evidence to prove identity

Craig Wright, the Australian computer scientist who claims to have created the cryptocurrency bitcoin in 2008 under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, has promised to provide fresh evidence to back up his claim.

In a blogpost on his website, Wright says “over the coming days, I will be hosting a series of pieces that will lay the foundations for this extraordinary claim”, including transferring bitcoin from “an early block” and posting “independently verifiable documents”.

“You should be sceptical. You should question. I would,” Wright adds, concluding: “I will present what I believe to be ‘extraordinary proof’ and ask only that it be independently validated. Ultimately, I can do no more than that.”

When he first publicly claimed to be Nakamoto, in interviews with the BBC, Economist and GQ Magazine, Wright promised to post proof on his website. But the material he posted was far from convincing for many experts: most damningly, the cryptographic evidence appeared to have been directly copied from a 2009 bitcoin transaction.

Wright’s promise of further proof doesn’t address the oddities in his original blogpost, except for obliquely claiming that he would post evidence “addressing some of the false allegations that have been levelled”.

But for some of his original supporters,

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