Bitcoin criminals DD4BC target financial markets as attacks rise

Mr Klink, a former IBM executive, refused to pay but called in cloud provider Amazon, the Australian Federal Police and the government’s ACSC, which knew to take the sophisticated cyber criminals seriously.

“We could see they were trying to bring down the website with a UDP flood attack. Amazon brought in their security team and we avoided any downtime for our site,” Mr Klink told The Australian Financial Review.

DDoS attacks on the rise

To date, DD4BC have launched about 150 attacks across Europe, the United States, New Zealand and Australia – with 58 per cent directed at financial services companies, according to research by cloud provider Akamai, released this month. As part of the attacks, the group seeks an initial payment of 25 bitcoins – with bitcoins currently valued at about $US230 each – in exchange for relinquishing a flood of inbound data issues, which render a target’s website inaccessible.

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