Bitcoin Crowdfunding with mToto

The Rlabs makes it now with her mToto Bitcoin crowdfunding platfom possible to support projects and business ideas with Bitcoin. This is an initiative between Uusi and RLabs which aims underserved educational and health centers in underserved companies in South Africa to support, and to tools for innovative challenges and to ensure products.

For companies and groups which have enough capital on the Mtoto Bitcoin crowdfunding, it is possible to obtain their platform monetary change in cash. “We convert Bitcoin in cash and resources, and we share every month the results with the wider community,” said the Mtoto team.

According RLabs founder Marlon Parker, this initiative aims to provide assistance in the early stages of development from companies. Rlabs was founded to create an innovative and friendly environment for start-ups and projects in Cape Town in 2007. One of his latest initiatives called “Youth Cafe” now had more than 20,000 visits and hosted a BBC development studio this year.

Parker confirmed further the advantage of Bitcoins as Cowdfunding funds because it allows lower transfer costs, which leaves more funds for the project itself. He also added, that Bitcoin is fast and available immediately, without having to manage multiple currencies with multiple accounts.

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