Bitcoin Defender Speaks Out at London Blockchain Event

Simon Dixon, CEO of

Simon Dixon, CEO of the online investment platform outlined his vision for blockchain startups recently at The Internet of Value: Blockchain and Financial Services Innovation conference in London.

Making the conference keynote, Dixon laid out the history of bitcoin and blockchain companies, especially those working in the financial services sector, and what he considers lies ahead for the rapidly evolving industry.

Dixon’s take as a venture capitalist comes at a crucial time in the industry, which is grappling with making sense of the growing ecosystem of bitcoin, ethereum, cryptocurrencies, digital assets, and private blockchains.

Many early bitcoin startups have now pivoted into the private blockchain space, and several high-profile venture deals highlight the growing private blockchain industry.

However, the debate is far from over, and as recently as Sibos, participants were divided on whether public blockchains can be used for financial applications like securities markets:

One chain to rule them all

Speaking to a packed room of bankers and FinTech entrepreneurs, Dixon said he believes that bitcoin is now

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