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Simon Dixon, CEO of

Simon Dixon, CEO of a online investment height summarized his prophesy for blockchain startups recently at The Internet of Value: Blockchain and Financial Services Innovation discussion in London.

Making the conference keynote, Dixon laid out a story of bitcoin and blockchain companies, generally those operative in a financial services sector, and what he considers lies ahead for the fast elaborating industry.

Dixon’s take as a try entrepreneur comes during a essential time in a industry, that is grappling with creation clarity of a growing ecosystem of bitcoin, ethereum, cryptocurrencies, digital assets, and private blockchains.

Many early bitcoin startups have now pivoted into a private blockchain space, and several high-profile try deals prominence a flourishing private blockchain industry.

However, a discuss is distant from over, and as recently as Sibos, participants were divided on either open blockchains can be used for financial applications like bonds markets:

One sequence to order them all

Speaking to a packaged room of bankers and FinTech entrepreneurs, Dixon pronounced he believes that bitcoin is now

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