Bitcoin discussion in the Swiss Embassy in London

Today, experts and business leaders meet for a discussion of crypto-currencies and block chain technology in the Swiss Embassy in London. Invited has the Swiss Ambassador Dominik Furgler . Meanwhile, the event is fully booked, as it says on the website of the Embassy.

Panelists include Robleh Ali (Manager Digital Currencies of the Bank of England), Richard Brown (IBM), Oliver Bussmann (CIO UBS), Vitalik Buterin (crypto-currency developer Ethereum from Baar), Christian Decker (ETH Zurich) and Mike Hearn (Zurich Bitcoin developer). Together with experts from the financial and technology sector as well as government officials are opportunities and challenges of crypto-currencies for the financial centers Switzerland and the United Kingdom are explained.

The reason is, according to the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs FDFA part of a regular series of events of the London Embassy. “It is on this occasion for a first time picking up the thread crypto currency by a message, the purpose is not intended to promote the site in the strictest sense,” explains Sonja Isella, spokesperson FDFA, on request.

On the list of participants, however, read that it comes to the positioning of the local research and business to Bitcoin and block chain. Four Swiss experts are faced with two British specialists. “The event is designed to raise awareness of Switzerland’s strengths in the field of financial technology in the UK”, it is said from the EDA. Block Chain and crypto-currencies would offer themselves as subjects, as Switzerland have to show particularly interesting developments in these areas. “On the financial center of London, there is currently considerable interest in the subject,” says spokeswoman Isella.

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