Bitcoin Enabled as an Investment Option for Retirement Accounts

Bitcoin Enabled as an Investment Option for Retirement Accounts

If has its way, bitcoin will become ingrained as another retirement savings tool for generations to come.

Edmund Moy, former Director of the U.S. Mint,  serves as the group’s Chief Strategist…and possibly Chief Marketing Ploy. Many aspects of’s website lean heavily on Mr. Moy’s deep experience within the retirement savings space. The space and play are interesting within the context of the larger adoption of bitcoin as a serious and accessible digital currency. is certainly not the first group to offer bitcoin for investment. But serving the option up for the average investor seems like a pretty good idea.

If the reader will recall SecondMarket. The group was initially founded as a platform where privately-held and growth-stage companies could raise capital. In September of 2014, the SecondMarket team launched the Bitcoin Investment Trust. The gist of the product was to offer bitcoin exposure to accredited investors without the hassle of managing wallets or the necessity of accessing exchanges. Catering to accredited investors played in the group’s favor

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