Bitcoin Evangelist Has Podcast Go Bad, Threatens To Sue After It’s Posted


1) Bitcoin Uncensored’s MO is to grill. Going on their podcast and expecting otherwise is much like letting The Daily Show do a piece on you and expecting to be coddled.

2) Blockchain is the fundamental issue, and it’s not terribly difficult to understand. So Ms. Boring (in the space for several years) should have a better grip.

3) Private blockchains, on Ms. Boring’s radar and being looked at by the “real” money players, are antithetical to the concept of a true distributed ledger. If it’s private, it’s not truly a distributed network, and thus subject to tampering. “The whole point is lost …” (to paraphrase Dr. Strangelove)

4) Redditors (where intelligent discussion of Bitcoin does take place) peg Ms. Boring as someone who can do more harm than good to cryptocurrencies, as she is trying to be a liason between the Bitcoin world and the govt. (aka lobbyist). One needs more than word-salad buzzwords. Regulators are confused enough already.

5) Ms. Boring followed up her threats by playing the gender card. Intelligent, articulate women in the Bitcoin space, of which there are plenty, were not happy about that.

6) The phrase “Streisand Effect” figured prominently in online discussions of this. Indeed. This was a small-subset issue (previously).

Ms. Boring, meet Ms. Streisand.

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