Bitcoin Exchange bitFlyer Raises US$4m In Funding, Gets Vote Of Confidence

Bitcoin is slowly making headway in all kinds of places on this planet and it looks like digital currency is finally gaining a foothold in Japan.  Up until now, the only reason Bitcoin has ever been connected to Japan was due to the Mt.Gox exchange, a story most people would rather forget as soon as possible. However, bitFlyer might be the next Bitcoin success story in Japan.

Bitcoin Exchange Crowdfunding Platform bitFlyerBitFlyer

The Japanese bitFlyer platform provides an interesting combination of various Bitcoin services, neatly packaged into one platform.  Not only are buyers and sellers of Bitcoin able to use the platform for trading and exchanging purposes, but bitFlyer also offers its very own crowdfunding platform.

On the topic of crowdfunding with Bitcoin, there has been no “killer platform” managing to gain enough traction to make a name for itself.  The same can be said about bitFlyer, as their crowdfunding platform is not seeing much success either so far.  However, this entire situation could change in the very near future, thanks to a recent round of funding.

While Bitcoin regulation in Japan is one of the topics of debate at

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