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Bitcoin Exchange Gatecoin Hacked; 250 BTC & 185000 ETH Lost

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Gatecoin, a Hong Kong-based digital banking startup that has cited segregated customer accounts as a approach to minimize bearing to risks, suffered a breach and mislaid 250 BTC and 185,000 ETH, 15% of a crypto item deposits.

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A cybersecurity firm, Tehtri Security, conducted a debate review and reliable a breach, Gatecoin announced in a statement by CEO Aurélien Menant posted on a website.

The crack took place between Monday, May 9, late night HKT, to Thursday dusk HKT, 12 May 2016, a matter noted. The association beheld a intrusion of use caused by a server reboot. The association pronounced a crack is related to this event.

Gatecoin Suspends Services

On Friday HKT, May 13, Gatecoin rescued questionable exchange and immediately dangling a services to investigate.

Most clients’ item supports are stored in multi-signature, cold wallets. However, a assailant managed to change a complement so that BTC and ETH deposition transfers bypassed a multi-signature cold storage and entered a prohibited wallet during a breach.

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