Bitcoin Exchange MonetaGo Makes Acquiring Digital Currency More Accessible

One way to get Bitcoin into the hands of more everyday consumers is by creating more convenient ways to acquire digital currency. In Taiwan, you can walk into most major convenience stores and buy Bitcoin over-the-counter or from a terminal. But for those of us who would rather stay at home to buy and sell Bitcoin, MonetaGo may be of particular interest to you.

MonetaGo Available in 40 Countries

Whenever a new Bitcoin exchange platform launches, it’s usually without a joyous parade because it is a very local launch. With MonetaGo, however, there are no parades either, but they have launched their services in 40 countries simultaneously. In doing so, the company has already taken up a “global” presence, something that many smaller exchanges struggle with at the moment.

That being said, MonetaGo is not just your average run-of-the-mill Bitcoin exchange. The most obvious service is to buy and sell Bitcoin in exchange for local currencies – of which there are 28 supported at the time of publication – from the convenience of your home.

But MonetaGo ups the ante of the Bitcoin exchange stereotype by offering the option to “peg” or “fix” Bitcoin to

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