Bitcoin Exclusive! | ‘Pharmaceutical Giant Merck & Co., Inc. NYSE: [MRK] Enters Bitcoin!’

I am a serial Bitcoin, Blockchain Cryptocurrency internet domain investor with a portfolio of over 100 unique handles that I have parked or are up for auction with my host for investment purposes only [buy low/sell high], “The American way as they say.” I got involved in this sector after reading an article that stated, ‘ sold for $250K USD to Austin, Texas, entrepreneur Alex Charfin’. I was intrigued decided to research this a little more on my own.

In the article Alex Charfin was apprehensive in announcing his reasons for the purchase or intentions of future use of the site which made me suspicious? I did a complete domain records search of came up with nothing. But the crypto troll in me kept typing… By accident I bumped into where they let you ‘Research any website on BuildVisit – Find out real facts about websites you use or analyse your competitors.’

My findings;

“ is hosted in United States by Merck and Co., Inc.. The site is created in WordPress. jQuery was not found on the website. More details can be found in the Server section. uses SSL to protect privacy of its users. Its SSL certificate is issued by Go daddy. The certificate was issued on 06 Feb 2015 and will expire on 06 Feb 2016.”


So my educated opinion is that Merck Co., Inc. has entered Bitcoin. All other website analyzers have it listed as private with hosting the website. Major corporations can do this for a number of reasons; ‘a company investment similar to patent investing’ Samsung got themselves out of a crisis through the most recent market crash by cashing in valuable patents or ‘the company may be adopting Bitcoin through straight forward investing?

COYOTE AFTER THOUGHT??? Either way, the true question is… How much did Alex Charfin profit after investing $250K USD initially himself?

*** We have reached out to Merck Co., Inc. to no avail. – leading Bitcoin News source since 2012