Bitcoin Experts Weigh In on Hard-Fork Debate

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Bitcoin Experts Weigh In on Hard-fork - scalingBitcoin scalability and how to ensure Bitcoin will be able to support a larger and larger user base has been discussed since its inception in 2009. For the longest time, Bitcoin has been able to make due with its current 1MB limit. However, as more transactions are made per second, and the block size limit has remained the same, network congestion has gone up.

The most common solution many refer to is to just increase the block size. It is the simplest change to implement, as there is only a single line of code in Bitcoin Core that dictates the maximum block size. It helps alleviate the network congestion by increasing Bitcoins maximum transactions per second capacity, but it comes with its caveats.

First, while changing the maximum block size would only take changing a single line of code, it would require a hard fork. Hard forks are something that should not be taken lightly if the Ethereum situation has taught us anything, with Andreas Antonopolous commenting recently in an interview,

“Even though a 2MB HF seems like an “easy” solution, it is not easy. As we have

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