Bitcoin Extremists Target Bank of China


(Hong Kong) — Foreign bitcoin terrorists no longer content with pilfering small business owners and private citizens, have now turned their attention to more lucrative targets.

The Hong Kong paper The Standard is reporting that the Bank of China and the Bank of Asia are both the targets of a cryptocurrency blackmail attack.

The case has been classified as blackmail and will be investigated by the Cyber Security and Technology Crime Bureau. Preliminary investigation suggests the attacks were launched from multiple countries.

Police confirmed that those behind the attack demanded payment in bitcoin following a DDoS warning attack, during which the banks website was flooded with significant amounts of traffic in order to prevent access by the banks customers. The police spokesperson said the threats included promises of future attacks.

drugs2Bitcoin is hugely popular among cyber criminals, illicit drug traders, and international crime syndicates, because of its potential to allow transactions to remain anonymous when used properly.

The inventor of the popular digital currency remains missing after vanishing with over 1 million bitcoins he mined while holding the lion’s share of the network hashing power. Bitcoin adopters are praying he doesn’t dump those coins on the market which could crash the markets and crush the dreams of its many followers.

The last time Satoshi communicated privately he wrote, “I’ve moved on to other things and probably won’t be around in the future.”

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