Bitcoin firm raises funding from Bain, New York Life, MasterCard

Bain, CIBC, New York Life, Mastercard, FirstMark, Novel, Oak, and Transamerica are investing in bitcoin for the first time, Silbert said.

Structuring DCG as a company and not a fund is a strategic business decision. Silbert said, and the business model is similar to that of Berkshire Hathaway, founded by billionaire investor Warren Buffett.

“Setting it up this way gives us flexibility,” said Silbert, in an email to Reuters. “We can start companies, invest in companies, buy companies, etc and it gives us patient, permanent capital.”

There is therefore no need to raise a bunch of different funds with different investors, he said, adding that this gives the company the opportunity to go public down the road.

DCG was formed this year with the merger of two SecondMarket Solutions companies: Genesis Global Trading, a bitcoin over-the-counter trading firm, and Grayscale Investments, a digital currency asset management firm that manages the publicly-traded Bitcoin Investment Trust.

SecondMarket, an entity that has helped private companies facilitate trading in their shares, was founded by Silbert. It was acquired last week by Nasdaq Private Market. Financial terms were not provided.

Silbert has invested in some of the biggest bitcoin companies: Coinbase, BitPay, Circle, itBit, Ripple, Xapo, and Coinsetter.

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